INRIA – Rennes


Facing the amount of information provided by high-throughput multidimensional microscopy, the Inria SERPICO team investigates computational and statistical models to better elucidate the role of specific proteins inside their multiprotein complexes and to help to decipher the dynamic coordination and organization of molecular complexes at the single cell level. We investigate image processing methods, mathematical models, and algorithms to build an integrated imaging approach that bridges the resolution gaps between the molecule and the whole cell, in space and time. We address the following topics:

  • image superresolution/image denoising required to preserve cell integrity (photo-toxicity versus exposure time) and image analysis in multidimensional microscopy;
  • spatio-temporal modelling of molecular species and multiscale architectures (e.g. multiscale registration of electron and light microscopy images to study molecule interactions in space and time);
  • computational simulation and modelling of molecule trafficking at different spatial and temporal scales (e.g. biophysical model assimilation for dynamic representation in video-microscopy and prediction in biology).

Experiments in vivo for la large class of stimuli (e.g. micro-patterning, SiRNA, drugs) will be conducted to confirm the biological hypotheses and to discern wheter the changes in expression have a role in the mechanisms under study.



Serpico Team
Centre Inria Rennes – Bretagne Atlantique
35042, Rennes Cedex, France