France-BioImaging opens a call for scientific projects, for any users outside France-BioImaging who would like to use the infrastructure. Access requests can be submitted electronically at any time. They are reviewed every two months by the Executive Board of France-BioImaging.

The eligibility criteria are:

    1) the project requires imaging technology unaccessible at proximity
    2) the project must be based on an innovative or rarely available technology and / or
    3) requires a specific expertise (methodology / technology / biotechnology knowledge, animal facility, data processing …) and / or
    4) a suitable scientific environment, possibly collaborative (example: neurosciences, cancer research… )

After acceptance, the user will have access to the FBI-institution of his choice or will be offered a more suitable site. France BioImaging will co-finance selected projects on travel expenses, accommodation and partly on experimental costs.

Application - Scientific Projects


Your collaboration with France-BioImaging

Please visit the France-BioImaging available Microscopy technologies
Maximum upload size: 104.86MB
When studying your project, this choice may be modified depending on the equipment available on the core facilities and the areas of expertise of the research teams of the selected node.

Your Scientific Project