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Group Leader: Brahim Lounis

Location: Institut d’Optique d’Aquitaine, Rue François Mitterrand, 33400, Talence, France

Lounis team

The Nanophotonics group activities focus on two themes: nanophysics and biophotonics. The common denominator of these work is the detection and analysis of properties of individual objects of nanometric sizes. The first axis concerns the study of photophysical properties of nano-objects to optimize their use as original light sources or optical nanoprobes for biological applications. The second axis concerns the development of original spectroscopy approaches to study the properties of these systems under various conditions of temperature (ambient or cryogenic) and environments (solid or liquid solutions or in biological systems). An important outcome of this work is the application of single molecules techniques and superresolution microscopies to address important biological question in collaboration with biologists notably with IINS. In FBI, the aim is to provide our innovative techniques to users of this national infrastructure.