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Head: Marcelo Nollmann

Location: Hôpital Arnaud-de-Villeneuve, Montpellier, France

MARS is a research facility born from a collaboration between R&D groups at the CBS, and the PIBS, MRI and IPAM facilities. The main objective of MARS is to offer the scientific community access to a selection of advanced microscopy technologies, generally not commercially available. To achieve this aim, we implement in MARS state-of-the-art optical microscopy methods developed by R&D teams of the FBI node (Nollmann, Margeat, Milhiet, Mollard). MARS offers access, training, and support to several custom-made optical setups.

R&D Teams

Three R&D teams are part of the MARS facility to port their methodological developments. The group of Emmanuel Margeat develops single molecule FRET and fluctuation microscopies to investigate the structure, dynamics, and interactions of macromolecular complexes, with a specific focus on membrane receptors and transcription regulation. The team of Marcelo Nollmann (see Group website) specializes in the development and implementation of super-resolution and advanced microscopy methods to investigate DNA organization and remodeling. Specifically, the team has developed two-color ultra-stable PALM/STORM microscope (currently available at MARS), a 3D-PALM setup based on adaptive optics, and multi-focal plane microscopy. The group is currently working as well in the combination of these methods with structured illumination microscopies. Together with the group of Pierre-Emmanuel Milhiet, the team has recently developed a combo PALM/STORM/Atomic Force Microscopy.

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