A National Research Infrastructure for Biological Imaging

Paris Descartes: Neurophotonics Laboratory

Contact: Valentina Emiliani

universite-paris-descartes-paris-5 This site, comprises two R&D teams: the Wave front engineering microscopy group (V. Emiliani) and the Optical probing and biophysics of astrocytes-neuron communication (M. Oheim) dedicated to the development and use of advanced opical method in the field of neurobiology. the Emiliani group has pioneered new scanless illumination techniques for patterned photoactivation and imaging based on shaping of optical wave fronts, techniques including computer generated holography, generalized phase contrast, and temporal focusing. They also have set up a STED microscope for super resolution. The Oheim group has been developping evanescent-wave based techniques for near-membrane spectroscopy and imaging single-organelle dynamics using TIRF and supercritical angle fluorescence (SAF). They also built a multi-colour TIRF-SIM superresolution microscope offering isotropic 100-nm resolution over a large field-of-view.