“BioImaging Advanced Training" (BIAT) course

9th-13th December 2013

Deadline for Registration : 25th  October 2013

BIAT courses aim to satisfy the queries of the bioimaging community about bio-photonic experimental strategies, bridging image acquisition, image analysis, and innovations in equipment and methods  for functional cell studies. The 2013 edition is organised around 6 modules (5 to 8 attendees /module) alternating workshops and trans-module training.  The attendees will follow one module throughout the week with some trans-module courses.

The proposed modules are:

  • Module 1:  3D + time imaging of developing model organisms (leader: N. Peyrieras)
  • Module 2: Dynamics of membrane proteins in plant cells (leader: B. Satiat-Jeunemaitre)
  • Module 3: Biosensors (leaders: O. Gavet and F. Riquet)
  • Module 4: Molecular dynamics (leaders: A. Leray and M. Tramier)
  • Module 5: Super-resolution Imaging (leader P. Bourdoncle)
  • Module 6: Bio-Image informatics (leader: C. Kervrann)

 Pre-programme and registration forms available on http://www.gdr2588.cnrs.fr

Find enclosed the flyer and the pre-programme for this event go to http://france-bioimaging.org/events/2nd-edition-of-the-bioimaging-advanced-training-course/