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Summary of the 3rd FBI Annual Meeting

The 3rd France BioImaging Annual Meeting was held at the Institut Curie (PARIS), the 17th and 18th of September 2015. It gathered more than 200 attendees from all the FBI community and beyond. This year, the FBI-AM started with a short Community Meeting including an activity report and an open debate with the audience and in particular with representatives of the National Advisory and National User committees. A number of crucial issues concerning next steps in FBI building and sustainability, its transparency, as well as information on recents governance adjustments, were evoked. Now that FBI entered in its functioning part (since end of 2014), a stronger effort should be made to the operation of the Infrastructure. This morning session was completed the day after by a short presentation (D. Choquet) of FBI participation to H2020 calls (Europe Group) and involvement in the Euro BioImaging ESFRI project. Then, the Scientific part of the Meeting started with an exciting and fascinating conference by E. Betzig (Laureate of the Nobel Prize of Chemistry 2014). Read More


Repository inter-INBS

The idea, that our INBSs (FRISBI, Phenomin & FBI) could better interact, think of common projects or services and organize joint actions, was now extended at the FBI Annual Meeting during a dedicated “Inter INBS” session with Bruno Klaholz (IGBMC, Illkirch), Coordinator of FRISBI, and Emilie Audran (IGBMC, Illkirch) for Phenomin. Next step is now to develop common programs and actions. Read More

 Positioning FBI at European level

This last Year, France BioImaging was deeply involved in the building of H2020 infrastructure projects, within the context of the Euro-BioImaging ESFRI project. D. Choquet (Bordeaux) and PF. Lenne (Marseille) are our official representatives at the EuBI Interim Board, with Daniel Boujard for the CNRS. However, FBI does not restrict its International and European activity to EuBI. Read More

Welcome to the UMS 3714 "CEMIBIO" CNRS

Since September 2015, the National Coordination of France BioImaging is identified as an official UMS entity, called "CEMIBIO" (UMS 3714) and retroactively created for the 1st of January 2015. Moreover, the National Coordination hired, in June, an Administrative Officer. Welcome to Corinne Tessier! Read More

FBI Advanced Training

 18-22 january - Montpellier, France


RTmfm thematic workshop

1-3 december 2015 - Bordeaux, France



4-6 november - Orsay, France

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