Report: France BioImaging 4th Annual Meeting

Report: France BioImaging 4th Annual Meeting


Our 4th Annual Meeting took place on Friday April 14th 2017. We had the pleasure of welcoming about 80 participants at the Curie Institute. This year, the meeting focused on the question of future challenges in biological imaging.

The four sessions of the program were centered around the following topics:

  • Quantification of the molecular dynamics and coordination in cells and small organisms, including at the nanometer scale
  • Imaging architectures and processes of life, from molecular complexes to multi cellular systems
  • New frontiers for imaging, sensing, and controlling biomolecules
  • Bioimage informatics, image processing and microscopy data management

At lunch time, the room was buzzing during the poster session.

We would like to thank our invited speakers, Teng-Leong Chew, Enrico Gratton, Markus Sauer & Jean-Christophe Olivo-Marin, as well as our chairs & all participants who shared their work with their peers through a talk or a poster.

Find all the details of the organization & program here.