France-BioImaging has the ambition to develop, promote, disseminate and provide access to the latest technological innovations in the revolutionary field of bioimaging for Life Sciences. FBI infrastructure is open to the entire scientific community, public and private, from France and abroad, wishing to develop or use imaging approaches for their fundamental and translational biological projects.

  • As a multi-disciplinary task force to investigate new avenues and encourage their application in Biological Sciences, we open a large scale research tool for many areas, from research on stem cells to cancer studies.
  • As a coordinated Infrastructure speeding up the technological transfer of bio-imaging innovations on its Core Facilities, we provide fast access to advanced techniques and methods.
  • As a portal for collaborative projects between public and private sectors in the field of advanced microscopy, we participate in socio-economic development through industrial partnerships and innovations.


Access to innovative technologies

The main mission of France-BioImaging is to provide faster access to technical and advanced methods. French imaging core-facilities have been previously organized through the IBiSA program (Infrastructures en BiologieSanté). Nine of these facilities are members of France-BioImaging. FBI is divided into five local nodes and one transversal node. However, there is a strong need for further organization – in particular through better links of R&D programs – to answer the requests of the SNRI (National Strategy For Research and Innovation). France-BioImaging is at the heart of SNRI priorities in cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, stem cells studies and tissue regeneration, biotechnology potentials, nutrition, nanotechnologies and nanobiotechnologies.


Technology transfer and training

In addition, France-BioImaging aims to coordinate strong technology transfer and to reinforce training already present in each node, matched by the ability to provide quality assurance to external users.

Through the French Networks of the CNRS, GDR-MIV (2588) and RTMFM France Bioimaging members are strongly involved in the strategy documents of the ITMOs BCDE and TSI of Aviesan.

At the European level, the organization is directly linked to the Euro-BioImaging” project in the roadmap of ESFRI (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures).  France-BioImaging is officially nominated by the Ministry of Research and Higher Education (MESR) as the only national structure linking the French resources in biological imaging and the goals at stakes in the Euro-BioImaging project.

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