France BioImaging was the lead of Work Package 7 “Technical preparation for coordination of training activities” during the Preparatory Phase II of Euro-BioImaging.

WP7 was highly successful, resulting in a strong and detailed proposal for the general coordination of the identified EuBI training activities for operation, in particular the set-up of the training course portfolio for user and core facility staff, and the establishment of the related application and evaluation procedures.

WP7 deliverables were built on the results and deliverables from Preparatory Phase I (in particular the PPI WP13 “Training”) as well as the strong experience of France BioImaging in training.

D7.1 – Organisation of a meeting of CFS from EuBI Node Candidates

D7.2 – Set-up of coordination tools for users and CFS access to training

D7.3 – Report on the procedure for determination of topics and
frequency of CFS training on emerging technologies

D7.4 – First list and description of identified sites for EuBI user training

D7.5 – Report on the portfolio of identified CFS training courses in lifelong vocational training

D7.6 – Report on the implementation of an e-forum and online platform for initial and vocational training