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Post-doc position in image analysis (Nice, France)

Organization: INRIA

Position Information:

To identify genes regulating the assembly and the disassembly of RNA/protein complexes, the group of F. Besse (iBV, Nice) has started a genome-wide screen relying on high throughput imaging of cultured cells. The goal of this screen is to identify mutant conditions in which the properties (number, size, distribution…) of RNA/protein particles labeled with a fluorescent protein are altered. Automatic image analysis methods are required to quantitatively and statistically analyze the millions of images generated by the screen, and to identify classes of mutants.

The candidate will develop a statistical and classification framework to identify and characterize different populations of genes having an impact on the population of RNA/protein particles. This includes (i) the definition of a diffeomorphism that maps any individual cell into a common space (mean shape or model), (ii) the definition of a spatial statistical framework to define a notion of configuration of particles as an additional characterization of a cell (mean configuration, covariance), and (iii) the development of an unsupervised classification scheme.

The candidate will work under the supervision of Xavier Descombes and Eric Debreuve (Centre INRIA Sophia Antipolis/I3S;, in close collaboration with biologists from F. Besse’s team (Fabienne de Graeve and Florence Besse). The position is funded for 12 months and should start on the 1st of March 2018 at the latest.

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