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Team Leader: Jean-Baptiste Masson

Location: Institut Pasteur, Rue du Docteur Roux, Paris, France

The lab is focused on the algorithms and computation selected by evolution to perform biological decision-making. We address this topic with an interdisciplinary approach mixing statistical physics, Bayesian machine learning, information theory and various experimental biological setups. We are pursuing 4 research axis:

  • Probabilistic pipelines and Artificial Intelligence to probe single biomolecule random walks
  • Decision-making of biological system
  • Amortized inference in Virtual Reality: DIVA + Genuage
  • Numerical Methods for temporal networks

Expertise of the Team:

  • Probabilistic pipelines for microscopy data analysis
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality applied to visualisation and analysis
  • Bayesian Inference, amortised inference and physics-based Bayesian induction.