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Getting started in Image Analysis with Fiji / ImageJ – 5th of October 2018.

Getting started in Image-Analysis – Hands on. The Image Analysis Hub of the Institut Pasteur organizes a one-day workshop dedicated to an introduction to image…

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Frédérique Scamps, INM, Montpellier
Other Events

Image Analysis course in Copenhagen

The course will be an introduction to image processing and analysis, with a focus on biologically relevant examples. The attendees will learn the fundamentals of…

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Other Events

EMBL Course for Bioimage Data Analysis 2017

We are pleased to announce the 5th EMBL Course for Bioimage Data Analysis to be held from Sunday, 14 May – Saturday , 20 May…

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Nicolas Tissot (IJM)
FBI Special Events

2nd FBI CLEM Course

Correlative Microscopy (CLEM) takes an increasing value in scientific research. The second France BioImaging course on correlative microscopies is jointly organized by Institut Jacques Monod,…

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