June 10th, 2017.
June 10th, 2017.

France BioImaging has initiated a partnership with the Institute of Biophysics of the Chinese Academy of Science and the Institute of Molecular Medicine of Peking University. The envisioned collaboration should be articulated around the following goals:

  • To reinforce joint research activities and publications;
  • To develop joint training activities for diverse categories of personnel, including imaging core facility staff;
  • To exchange information and materials in those fields which are of interest to both parties;
  • To organize joint conferences and academic programs;
  • To develop grant proposals for joint research, infrastructure development (center and/or consortium);
  • To foster technology transfer between each parties.

Several French institutions will take part in the partnership. We hope that the France BioImaging users and partners will be able to benefit from this partnership starting in 2018.

Correlative Microscopy (CLEM) takes an increasing value in scientific research.

The second France BioImaging course on correlative microscopies is jointly organized by Institut Jacques Monod, Institut Pasteur and Institut Curie.

The first day (free access, registration required) will be composed of a conference series from national and international speakers about the latest CLEM technologies as well as by participants who will follow the practical session in the following 4 days.

Practical training will be organized in 2 sessions of 2 days for 3 groups between the 3 organizing institutes (12 positions available).

The 2 sessions will be chosen among the 3 available:
– EMPACT2 CLEM / Tokuyasu (Institut Jacques Monod)
– Live Cell to HPF, Quick Freeze Substitution/fluorescence on sections and eC-CLEM alignment (Institut Curie)
– Live Cell to FIB-SEM / Cryo-CLEM (Institut Pasteur)

Registration on the FBI website, dead-line 31 March 2017

First day: free entrance
Practical sessions: 250.00 euros in total, selection on application form.