This September, the “Global BioImaging” partners met in Bangalore at the NCBS, for the second workshop “Exchange of Experience II”. All continents were represented, with participants from Europe (EMBL, Finland, France, Italy, UK; under the EuroBioImaging banner), Australia, India, USA, South Africa, Japan, and new communities on board (e.g. Canada, Singapore).

In the frame of the past GBI program, the two first International Training Courses for Core Facility Staff organized in November 2016 and the first year of the International Job Shadowing Program were very successful and greatly acknowledged by their participants.

Beside an exhaustive presentation of the Project Status, major discussions on Open access to imaging infrastructures, image data management, quality management, Training for facility staff took place and were illustrated by diverse and very interesting presentations.

Other important issues were addressed concerning the future of “Global BioImaging”, beyond the end of the H2020 funded project and the engagement of the national communities. All participants were eager to pursue their collaboration beyond the initial project duration. In the concluding sessions of EoE II, it was agreed to :

  • Extend the GBI Management Board (EuBI Beneficiaries, Australia, India + Argentina, Canada, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, USA). A virtual meeting to start the work on the long-term sustainability strategy will be launched in the coming weeks.
  • Help engagement ‘at home’ and facilitate dialogue with national imaging community and funders. A brief position paper on the international GBI network will be written.

Other information:

The second call of the “International Job Shadowing Program” has now been launched. Please take a look at

Stay informed: The next EoE will take place back-to-back with the International Microscopy Conference IMC-19 on Sep 14-15th, 2018 in Sydney, hosted by the AMMRF.

The Global BioImaging project entails an international job shadowing program that aims to give the opportunity to the project’s stakeholders to visit imaging facilities across the globe and learn from their peers.

The program allows both the hosting facilities and their guests to exchange experiences and ideas, while working on innovative imaging technologies and the related technical aspects. It also has the added value to support networking and prepare possible future collaborations between imaging infrastructures.

After the success of the first round of the Global BioImaging shadowing program, which took place during 2017, the call for the second round is now open!

Imaging facility staff members within the Global BioImaging (GBI) Project Network (Euro-BioImaging, Australian National Imaging Facility, Australian Microscopy & Microanalysis Research Facility, India-BioImaging) who wish to make a period of job shadowing at another GBI imaging facility can now apply to the program. Visits are foreseen to be international (from Europe to India/Australia and vice versa).

A limited number of travel grants is available for this second round of shadowing.

Applications will be scored by a panel of international external experts on the basis of applicants’ CVs and compliance between their positions and the requested job shadowing. The travel grants will be assigned to the highest scoring applications.You can find below the general guidelines for the shadowing program and a list of hosting facilities. Please read these documents carefully and if interested apply to the program by filling-in the on-line form at the following link: . Please be aware that you will be asked to upload a CV and a letter of approval from your supervisor/facility manager.

For all details, please visit the dedicated page on the Euro BioImaging website.

Practical information

Deadline for submission of the applications is Sunday 22/10/2017.

Selected applicants will be contacted/informed in November 2017. Visits should take place during the first half of 2018.

For more information, feel free to contact:

Alessandra Viale, WP5 manager (Biomedical Imaging facilities)

Maritta Löytömäki WP5 manager (Biological Imaging facilities)

Inga Pukonen, WP5 manager (Biological Imaging facilities)