Going to Rendez-Vous Carnot 2021? Drop by our booth and say hello!

In one week from today, we will be travelling to Lyon to attend the Rendez-Vous Carnot 2021! This is the third time we’ll attend the Rendez-Vous Carnot as an exhibitor, in the Research Infrastructures Village. We are going to present France-BioImaging R&D ecosystem and the multiple advanced biological imaging technology developments taking place on FBI imaging platforms and R&D teams.

If you’re in Lyon between November 17 and November 18 attending the Rendez-Vous Carnot as well, be sure to drop by our booth and meet some of our colleagues at the venue:

  • Caroline Thiriet , France-BioImaging External Affairs Manager
  • Etienne Henry, France-BioImaging R&D and Tech-Transfer mission Officer
  • Jean Salamero, France-BioImaging Inter-Infrastructures Activities mission Officer

Besides getting to see in person what services France-BioImaging can offer in terms of R&D and tech transfer in the field of biological imaging, we also invite you to attend the Research Infrastructures special events:

  • On Nov. 17th 15h00 – 15h40: Flash presentations of successful academia-industry collaborations. France-BioImaging will present the success story of the “Nikon Imaging Center@Institut Curie-CNRS: 15 years of collaboration and integration in France-BioImaging”.
  • On Nov. 18th 14h00 – 17h00: Research Infrastructures and Health special event, in partnership with the Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche.
    • What’s the RIs impact on Covid19 research and cancer research?
    • How can RIs work more closely with the France Health Innovation 2030?
    • What is France’s strategic investment plan in health & disease?

Register here https://bit.ly/2Xin9Fn and join this event free of charge!

France BioImaging primary mission is to develop, promote, disseminate and provide access to innovative instruments and imaging technologies in the field of bioimaging to scientists. Fostering the technological transfers is at the heart of this mission, and for this France BioImaging relies on a strong association of leading R&D research teams with core facilities.

However, several bottlenecks exist and often hamper or prevent successful technology transfer:

  • A lack of human resource leads to difficulties in transferring and stabilizing the technology which is not enough user-friendly
  • A technology that is too specific, with not enough user base
  • A difficulty to contract with industry through institutional offices for industrial valuation
  • In the context of image analysis: the instability of open software economical model, inter-operability, large data handling and algorithm complexity

As a way to tackle these bottlenecks, France BioImaging launched in January 2021 its first “FBI Internal Call 2021: Technology transfer from the R&D teams to the core facilities” to promote the transfer of new technologies (instrumentation, probes, staining methods, software, data analysis or data visualization) from the R&D teams to the facilities of France BioImaging, for access and service to end-users. The outcome of the transfer project had to ensure for the prototype to be usable by the end-users until the interpretation of the data. The project had also to include a sustainability plan and a training plan to guide both facility staff and end-users toward autonomy.

The project selection was organized by the National Coordination of France-BioImaging and applications were assessed according to the following evaluation criteria:

  • Innovation and originality of the proposal
  • Scientific quality, implementation, timeline
  • Competitive positioning
  • Adequacy of resources with the proposed project
  • Economic impact and tech transfer potential and perspectives
  • Estimation of the user market and potential for user adoption
  • Plan for training and sustainability.

For the first edition of the “FBI Internal Call 2021: Technology transfer from the R&D teams to the core facilities”, 5 projects were selected:

  • Icy@FBI: Jean-Christophe Olivo-Marin (IPDM Node): Broadening the scope of applications of Icy (http://icy.bioimageanalysis.org/) by implementing several key new bioimage analysis components
  • BIC-HCS-SMLM: Jean-Baptiste Sibarita (Bordeaux Node), Technological transfer of a Single-Molecule-based High Content Screening platform to the Bordeaux Imaging Center
  • CloudFISH: Marcello Nollmann (Montpellier Node), A tool for the analysis of single-molecule RNA and DNA FISH images
  • MorphoNet: Emmanuel Faure (Montpellier Node), An interactive online morphological browser to explore complex multi-scale data
  • BioImageIT (https://bioimageit.github.io/#/about): Jean Salamero, Sylvain Prigent (IPDM Node), An open source framework for integration of image data management with analysis

Each selected project was awarded with a 80k€ grant for salary and/or equipment, and several positions are currently available: https://france-bioimaging.org/jobs/

This call will be renewed in 2023.