Following the new annual microscopy course “Principles and Applications of Fluorescence Microscopy” which is on offer for Masters and PhD students the teaching department and  the UTechS PBI (Imagopole) is organizing  a Workshop including both symposium (March 13th 2018) and  demonstration (March 12-16th). This workshop will be held on the campus and will run for until Friday, March 16th, 2018.

The symposium will be open to all researchers on the campus, but also to all guests and customers invited by the companies. This is a unique opportunity to bring together in one site the latest news of the greatest actors of fluorescence microscopy in Paris.

The event is free, but requires registration.

Please visit our website at for the full program and list of speakers.

This event will include a series of seminars to explore the latest technological and scientific developments in fluorescence microscopy. The symposium, which will take place in the auditorium of the François Jacob building, represents a unique opportunity to hear from the leading experts in fluorescence microscopy about their latest research findings. It is open to all scientists on campus.
To coincide with this event, various companies will also be invited to display their state-of-the-art technological equipment with demonstrations in the Teaching Center. 12 companies have accepted the invitation to come and present their technology.
The event is free but prior registration is required:

Correlative Microscopy (CLEM) takes an increasing value in scientific research.

The second France BioImaging course on correlative microscopies is jointly organized by Institut Jacques Monod, Institut Pasteur and Institut Curie.

The first day (free access, registration required) will be composed of a conference series from national and international speakers about the latest CLEM technologies as well as by participants who will follow the practical session in the following 4 days.

Practical training will be organized in 2 sessions of 2 days for 3 groups between the 3 organizing institutes (12 positions available).

The 2 sessions will be chosen among the 3 available:
– EMPACT2 CLEM / Tokuyasu (Institut Jacques Monod)
– Live Cell to HPF, Quick Freeze Substitution/fluorescence on sections and eC-CLEM alignment (Institut Curie)
– Live Cell to FIB-SEM / Cryo-CLEM (Institut Pasteur)

Registration on the FBI website, dead-line 31 March 2017

First day: free entrance
Practical sessions: 250.00 euros in total, selection on application form.