FBI launches a call for its future Scientific Director !

FBI launches a call for its future Scientific Director !


  FBI opens a call for the recruitment of its next Scientific Director


(Deadline is 1st of May)

France BioImaging-FBI (laureate of the INBS program of the PIA in 2011) is the National Research Infrastructure in Biological Imaging.  FBI is built on five geographical Nodes identified on the basis of strong relationship between developers of new imaging approaches (R&D labs) and large imaging Core Facilities, answering the IBiSA criteria. Each Node shows a specialization of a local expertise in main biological topics. This crossover between imaging technologies and expertise in scientific topics is a characteristic of the complementarity between FBI Nodes. A 6th Transversal Node gathers FBI strengths and resources in Image Analysis and DATA management. The Operating Coordination is insured by the UMS 3714.

Our motto is “Innovation-Training-Access”

(i) Disseminate and invent new imaging technologies
(ii) Expand the portfolio of training courses for users and staff in charge of these approaches
(iii) Make them accessible to as many people as possible.

 Role of the Scientific Director of FBI

-He/She is the Strategic Manager of the Infrastructure

He/She leads the National Coordination (NC) in continuous interaction with the Executive Committee (EC). With the Help of its international Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), he/she reports the overall Infrastructure policy and strategy to the Institutional Committee (Steering Committee, SC) which is the “decision maker”

He/She is responsible, for the arbitration of recruitment proposals (in interaction with the other governance bodies), equipment investments (PIA, TGIR, other National and International common actions…) and new service opening, in relation to the development objectives (R&D, service offers…) and the overall infrastructure strategy at national and international levels

He/She is responsible, with the staff concerned (NC), for the inventory of the different activities/tasks of the infrastructure: links with Europe and International, work with the different committees, web site/communication, trainings, animation of the “FBI-community”, scientific and financial reports…

He/She is responsible, in interaction with the EC, for managing interactions/collaborations (R&D, service providing, partnerships, technology watch…) with other PIA Research Infrastructures.
More details and information in the pdf below 

Entry into function is planned for the 1st of January 2020,

If you are interested, please send a short CV and a motivation letter (2 pages) indicating your vision and strategy at FIVE years and beyond at
BEFORE the 1st of May