advanced microscopy meets biology at different scales


Saturday August 30th, 9h-12h – Palais des Congrès, Paris

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France-BioImaging is the laureate, in the field of Biological Imaging, of a national initiative to support the access to innovative research to a wide scientific, medical and industrial community throughout France, Europe and beyond.


Full understanding of life processes relies on the development of new technologies enabling the multiscale observation and quantification of biological systems.


At the frontier between molecular and cell biology, biophysics and engineering, mathematics and bioinformatics, France-BioImaging gathers, in a coordinated infrastructure unique in France, several outstanding cellular imaging centers supported by laboratories for state-of the art R&D with the aim to give faster access to advanced imaging techniques and methods to a wide scientific community and to participate to socio-economical development through industrial partnerships and innovations.


This meeting is intended for the whole community of researchers (research fellows, engineers, PhD candidates, students) to illustrate how to answer diverse biological questions using innovative imaging solutions.


Admission is open to participants of the main FEBS EMBO conference but restricted to the first 120 registered persons. Please register here before July 31st (free of charge).



  • 9h00 – 9h30: France-BioImaging: the French National Research Infrastructure for Biological Imaging, with Jean Salamero, FR , Nadine Peyrieras, FR
  • 9h30 – 9h55: Correlating live cell and super resolution microscopy to study the melanogenesis using the CryoCapsule, with Xavier Heiligenstein, FR
  • 9h55 – 10h20: Objective comparison of particle tracking methods Nicolas Chenouard, US
  • 10h20 – 10h45: Building the inner ear: proneural gene requirements in cellular dynamics of neurosensory development, with Cristina Pujades, ES
  • 10h45 – 11h10: 3D Architecture of a bacterial DNA segregation apparatus: stochastic ParB self-assembly nucleated from the centromere, with Diego Cattoni, FR
  • 11h10 – 11h35: Polarized fluorescence microscopy, a new tool to decipher structural information in bio-imaging, with Alla Kress, FR
  • 11h35 – 12h00: Round Table : Accessing France BioImaging services. Partners’ projects and users’ expectations.

Spring session 2014:

The Executive Board of France-BioImaging has decided to support the following events:

  • “3D Electron Microscopy : from Molecule to organism” meeting, UPMC, Paris, 22-23 May 2014
  • “13èmes journées de formation du RCCM”, RCCM, Carqueiranne, 4-6 June 2014
  • From classical metrology to super-resolution metrology” workshop; RTmfm, Bordeaux, 1st November 2014

14th international ELMI Meeting

20-23 May 2014 – Oslo, Norway


The 2014 ELMI meeting will be following the proven successful format of research talks, company workshops and exhibition.


Download the programme here



ELMI was first set up in 2001 in order to promote the quickly developing field of light microscopy as a fundamental research tool for the life sciences and to strengthen the channels of communication between researchers and industry. The annual ELMI meeting, which has been running for the last 12 years at various venues across Europe, has an excellent reputation within the microscopy community, making this meeting a key event in the calendar of hundreds of scientists and developers.

The strength of this meeting lies in the mixture of scientific lectures on state-of-the-art, high-end microscopy combined with “hands-on” workshops and exhibition of the latest technology, organized by the leading companies in the field. This year we will maintain the format and focus on leading edge developments and its implementation to life science.

2nd International Conference on

Physics and Biological Systems

June 24-27 2014, Gif-sur-Yvette



Dear colleagues,


Registrations are now open for the second International Conference on Physics and Biological Systems, held on June 24-27 2014 in Gif-sur-Yvette, in the south of Paris.

Registration, abstract submission and additional information are on the conference website:

The deadline for early registration and poster abstract submission is May 15th.

Looking forward to seeing you in Gif next summer,


The organizing comittee



1st International Meeting of the UPMC Cellular Imaging Network

3D Electron Microscopy : From Molecule to Organism

22-23 May 2014



Information and registration

DEADLINE : April, the 2nd 2014




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This meeting is organized by the Cell Imaging Network of Pierre and Marie Curie University. It will present up-to-date 3D electron microscopy methods, as innovative tools to uncover the structure and function of biological systems at all levels of organization : molecules, multimolecular complexes, organelles, cells, tissues, organisms.

The program is focused on tomography, serial Imaging (FIB/SEM, Serial Block Face),  cryo-EM, scanning EM and 3D image reconstruction. It includes communications by invited speakers, short communications from selected submitted abstracts and poster sessions.




The spirit of this Summer School is inspired by the most prestigious school ever founded in France, Saint Flour, the influence of which has spread to generations of researchers in Mathematics. Since its establishment in Brittany in 1994, this school has become a worldwide reference. It is resolutely international (participants from more than twenty countries have participated to the previous editions) and accessible to young scientists. It is an open yet privileged place for exchanges and discussions of major on-going work. Informal and warm, at a location where the sea and the land combine in a time varying relation, this school brings together, every two years for ten days, the world great teachers and researchers in Biomedical Imaging.

For its 11th edition in 2014, it relocates in the wonderful facility of Saint Jacut de la Mer close to Saint Malo and Mont Saint Michel.

Additional information

Extensive 6 hours lectures, seminars, and discussions are organized at the highest level, but with the freedom of spirit that is the tradition of Brittany. The school objective is to contribute without any exclusion to advances in a rapidly evolving field, and to foster participation in the adventure of research. It provides up-to-date, state-of-art knowledge on emerging areas and addresses important issues dealing with complex, multivariate systems, going from basic to applied research.

Audience: The Summer School is open to graduate students (M.S., PhD), post doctoral scientists, image processing scientists, radiologists, biologists, researchers and engineers in industry.

Lecture Program

Luis IBÁÑEZ, Kitware Inc., USA, “Open Science in Biomedical Image Analysis”
Aydogan OZCAN, UCLA, USA, “Computational Microscopy, Sensing and Diagnostics”
Rangaraj M. RANGAYYAN, University of Calgary, Canada, “Oriented Tissue Analysis in Medical Imaging”
Jocelyne TROCCAZ, UJF CNRS, France, “Computer Assisted Medical Interventions”
Dimitri VAN DE VILLE, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland, “fMRI and EEG for Cognitive and Clinical Neurosciences”
Tony WILSON, University of Oxford, UK, “Advanced Microscopies for Biology”

Important dates

Candidature submission open from Dec., 2013 to March 15th, 2014 (Extended Deadline).


Jean-Christophe OLIVO-MARIN, Institut Pasteur (
Oscar ACOSTA, LTSI, Université de Rennes 1, 35042 Rennes CEDEX, France
Fax: +33 – E-mail :


MIVOA a PSL Project

Microscopy Adaptive Optics Day

MIVOA Project

April 1st, 2014 – 9h-17h

Institut Langevin

1, rue Jussieu, 75005 PARIS.


The “Microscopy Adaptive Optics Day” organized as part of the MIVOA project certified by PSL (with teams from IBENS, Institut Langevin, LESIA) will be held on April 1 at the Institut Langevin. This day will focus on the use of adaptive optics in Microscopy with the aim to promote this technology in Ile de France.



More information and registration : Journée MIVOA

Contact :

With the support of

We are pleased to inform you that the 2012 edition of the MiFoBio took place on 3-9 October 2012 in Talmont Saint Hilaire – Vendée – France

We thank all the organizers and participants who contributed to the school of knowledge and know-how of biomicroscopy and bioimaging.

MiFoBio 2012

An initiative of the GDR 2588 Microscopie and the RTmfm/MRCT
With the CNRS Continuing Education and INSERM permanent training
Courses, debates, workshops