EuBIAS 2013: European BioImage Analysis Symposium, October 7-12th 2013

EuBIAS 2013: European BioImage Analysis Symposium, October 7-12th 2013

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Bioimage analysis meeting in Barcelona, from 7th to 8th of October this year: EUBIAS 2013: European BioImage Analysis Symposium.

The Symposium aims at strengthening the image analysis community in Europe and at increasing the accessibility of image analysis tools for the community and end-users.

The 2-days Open Community Meeting (Oct. 7-8th) features an “Open Software Showcase” presentations contributed by developers, open discussions and debates, and oral and posters contributions, participation is open to everyone. This event will help you to get a concise overview of various image analysis software packages in only two days, and also to provide usage feedbacks directly to the developers.
Developers from following packages/librairies have confirmed so far and will present their current status, most recent updates and perspectives:
– ImageJ / Fiji
– ImgLib / ImageJ2
– Ilastik, VIGRA
– OME (OMERO and Bio-Formats)
– CellProfiler
– BioImageXD
– CellCognition
– Mahotas
– EBImage
– Pink
– ITK /Farsight
– DIPImage

We welcome you to sign up to the BioImage Community Meeting now,
please visit the website for more details and for registration:

The Symposium also features a developers ‘Taggathon’ (Oct. 9-11th) event and a BioImage Analysis course (Oct. 9-12th) for european facilities members, please check the web for more details.

If BioImage Analysis is key to your research, do not miss this unique event to commit yourself in boosting the accessibility to BioImage Analysis tools and strengthening the community !

This event was conceptualized at the last ELMI meeting 2013 in Arcachon, is mainly sponsored by Euro-BioImaging ( and OME, and by companies bridging open software. EuBIAS2013 is open to sponsor contributions and participation from the private sector. EuBIAS2013 is hosted by IRB Barcelona and is organized by many people from the University of Dundee, EMBL (Heidelberg), IRB Barcelona, CRG (Barcelona), EPFL (Lausanne), ETH (Zuerich), DZNE (Bonn), Institut Curie (Paris).

European BioImage Analysis Symposium – Barcelona 7 to12th of October

Organization Committee:
Jason Swedlow – University of Dundee,
Data Management and Analysis WP, Euro-BioImaging
Sébastien Tosi – IRB Barcelona –
Kota Miura – EMBL –
Julien Colombelli – IRB Barcelona –
(tel: +34 93 4020451)