A National Research Infrastructure for Biological Imaging

November-December 2017

France BioImaging Funding Decision

The Executive Board of France-BioImaging has decided to support the following projects:

AAP Support to Events
  • PEP 2018 (Photothermal effects in plasmonics. Special focus on biology) – by Guillaume Baffou, Institut Fresnel, Marseille. Funded by FBI Coordination.
AAP User Access
  • Identification of the local transcriptome in mature excitatory presynaptic boutons, by Anne-Sophie Hafner (Max Planck for Brain Research, Schuman Department), hosted by Bordeaux Node.
  • Effect of vitamin A on splenic dendritic cells subset localization, by Jennifer Gommerman (University of Toronto), hosted by Paris-Centre (Curie).
AAP Tech & Meth Transfer
  • Cryo-CLEM implementation at Bordeaux Imaging Center, Monica Fernandez Monreal (BIC), hosted by Paris-Centre Node (Pasteur – Ultrapole).

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