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Team Leader: Florence Niedergang

Location: Institut Cochin, Rue Mechain, Paris, France

We focus on the functions of phagocytic cells in normal and infected conditions. We have developed dedicated imaging techniques to monitor with high spatial and temporal resolution the mechanims of capture and degradation by phagocytic cells, their impact on immune responses and their alterations by viral infections, which can lead to the development of bacterial co-infections or uncontrolled inflammation.

Expertise of the Team

  • TIRF microscopy with dedicated analysis of phagosome closure assay in three dimensions on living cells
  • TFM adapted for living and phagocytosing cells (collaboration with M Balland, LiPhy, Grenoble)
  • New FRET probes to analyse receptor clustering on living cells (collaboration with J Fattaccioli, ENS and Institut Pierre Gilles de Gennes, and Jean-Maurice Mallet, ENS Paris, programme 80 PRIME CNRS and ANR 2021-2024).