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Scientific directors: Christine Doucet (MARS) & Luca Costa (AFM)

Location: Centre de Biochimie Structurale, 29 Rue de Navacelles, 34090 Montpellier, France

PIBBS-MARS & AFM comprises two facilities :

  • The AFM facility is the only one in the FBI Infrastructure to provide access to state-of-the-art Atomic Force Microscopes, including a custom built high-speed AFM.
  • The MARS facility is devoted to cutting-edge optical microscopies such as Single Molecule Localization Microscopy, smFRET, PIE-FCCS, 2-photons FCS, single particle tracking, etc… The MARS R&D division, closely associated to two R&D teams, is in charge of implementing and developing new custom
    advanced microscopies (such as STED-FCCS, 2foci-FCS or multifocal microscopy) before their transfer to the facility.

Moreover, the AFM and MARS facilities and staff work closely together to develop and transfer new correlative imaging modalities, such as AFM / Superresolution or AFM / Confocal (FLIM, spFRET).

Users are assisted by dedicated research engineers and scientific coordinators to define the best approach, experimental design, help in data acquisition and analysis.


Microscopy systems available @PIBBS

Services at: PIBBS – MARS & AFM Facilities @CBS


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