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Head & CoHead: Alain Fautrel, Nicolas Mouchet, Bruno Turlin and Marie-Dominique Galibert

Location: 2 Avenue du Professeur Léon Bernard, 35000 Rennes, France

The H2P2 platform performs histology work on human, animal and plant tissues. The facility is equipped with last generation devices to increase analysis reproducibility and ensure rapid automatic processing. We produce Tissues Micro Array (TMA) that can group hundreds of tissulars spots on a single microscope slide. We have developed a thorough expertise in immuno-labeling (more than 1000 Ac in our catalog) as well as multiplex staining, a technique that can highlight up to 6 different proteins per slide, fluorescence or chromogenic. Since 2021, with the CELLDive technology we are able to visualize up to 60 markers on the same sample. To visualize slides we offer several options: epifluorescence microscope, virtual slides from a Hamamatsu scanner with fluorescence and a new generation confocal scanner (3D-Histech) with seven channels in fluorescence.  This latter technology gives the opportunity to scan thick tissues (300µm) after clearing. Slides are analysed in 2D using Halo, an image analysis platform/software (with machine learning) for quantitative tissue analysis in digital pathology.  We perform 3D images routinely and advanced analysis reconstruction with Amira. We also developed extensive expertise in laser capture microdissection, allowing single cells capture. We are developing in situ molecular technologies, as Raman micro spectroscopy imaging on biological samples with statistical analysis of obtained spectra.

Services at: H2P2 (Histo pathology High precision)


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