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FBI Contact: Emmanuel Faure

Location: Building 5 - 860 rue de St Priest 34095 Montpellier

The ICAR Research-Team develops research themes combining the interaction and processing of visual data such as 2D, 3D, videos or nD+t image sequences and 3D meshes. The team is structured according to 3 research axes: Analysis & Processing which is focused on new low-level processing techniques of visual information, Multimedia Security which is interested in securing visual data and Modeling & Visualization which aims at representing large and complex visual data sets.

Expertise of the Team

  • The Analysis & Processing axis is interested in new low-level information processing techniques to improve the information perceptible in the image and to take into account, within the same theoretical framework, the imprecise, uncertain and incomplete (the different types of error in
    visual data processing).
  • The Multimedia Security axis is interested in the security of visual data. In order to ensure this security, coding algorithms are developed combining tattooing, steganography, forensics, encryption and authentication and often requiring robustness to compression.
  • The objective of the Modeling & Visualization axis is to model large sets of complex data (in dimension and nature) in order to allow intuitive visualization or to manipulate these data to extract knowledge from them.