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Director: Pr. Jean-Yves SCOAZEC

Location: 114 Rue Edouard Vaillant, Villejuif, France

The Imaging and Cytometry Platform (PFIC) is one of the 9 scientific Platforms of the UMS AMMICa of Gustave Roussy, one of the first European comprehensive cancer center, located in the south of Paris.
Supporting basic and clinical research programs on cancer, the PFIC is a service, training and R&D center at the interface of basic, translational and clinical research.
The PFIC provides research and industry with an open center of expertise in multi-scale photonic imaging from molecular to tissue, and from animal models to the human. Run by 9 engineers from which 5 dedicated to imaging, the PFIC is organized into specialized units to offer expertise:

  • In confocal and multiphoton imaging together with the combined techniques TIRF, live SR, FRAP, FRET, photoconversion, for the study of dynamic interactions at high resolution.
  • In complex multidimensional dynamic imaging in living organs, 3D-organoid models, high resolution intravital imaging on small animal and whole animal imaging.
  • In transfer of photonics into the clinic (New contrast, NIR and confocal)
  • In flow, spectral and mass cytometry and high throughput cell sorting and cloning
  • Bioinformatics expertise for data processing and quantification

The PFIC is also strongly involved, with industrial partners, in innovative developments in new optical devices, new fluorescent probes and specific requests for clinical transfer of photon imaging.

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