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Head & CoHead: Charles Kervrann & Jean Salamero

Location: Inria Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique, Avenue Général Leclerc, Rennes, France

The Serpico team provides computational methods and mathematical models to automatically extract, organize and model information present in temporal series of images as they are obtained in multidimensional light and cryo-electron microscopy. In the field of membrane traffic, Serpico addresses the following themes in close collaboration with Curie Institute: image superresolution and image denoising to preserve cell integrity (photo-toxicity vs exposure time), information extraction from images and videos in multidimensional microscopy for molecular interaction analysis, spatiotemporal modeling of molecular species and multi-scale architectures, computational simulation and modeling of membrane transport at different scales. In collaboration with UMR 144 and PICT at Institut Curie, the members of Serpico participate in several joint projects (PhD and post-doc supervision, industrial contracts…). They have proposed user-friendly algorithms for processing 3D or 4D data. Other projects are related to instrumentation in microscopy including computational aspects (SERPICO@Mobyle web service) and data management (CID iManage) on the reconstruction and enhancement of images related to subdiffraction light microscopy and multimodal approaches.

Services at: Inria-Curie SERPICO/STED


Image Data Handling