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Head: Perrine Paul-Gilloteaux

Location: Institut Curie - Pavillon Trouillet-Rossignol, Rue d'Ulm, 5e Arrondissement, France

Institut Curie is active in image databases and management. The PICT imaging facility is engaged since 2011 with the Strand Life Sci. company in the development of the CID (Curie Image Database)/iManage (supported by Paris-Centre Node). The CID is linked to the “Curie Image Data center” (2x 100Tb Storage equipment and cluster for image processing and analysis). Since December 2013 CID is open to all FBI users of the PICT, under demand and common rules of imaging platforms (web client). iManage is the commercial version (with licensing), offering support to labs, to install and adapt CID on their own microscopy, at their own sites. Plugins to access the CID from Icy (Institut Pasteur) are developed and published on the central repository of Icy. An interface to interoperate with the servers at Institut Curie is under development. Integration of software developed in collaboration with Inria-Serpico (http://mobyleserpico.rennes.inria.fr/) such as ND-SAFIR, Hullkground are now integrated in the CID for automated treatment. Institut Curie, specifically with Serpico’s Team@Inria-Rennes, also develops new algorithm solutions for dynamic events detection and classification, sub-diffraction light microscopy and CLEM approaches.

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Image Data Handling