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Head: Emmanuel Beaurepaire

Location: FCS Campus Paris-Saclay, Saint-Aubin, France

Ecole Polytechnique is an internationally attractive institution combining research, teaching and innovation. Laboratory for Optics and Biosciences (LOB) is affiliated with the French Research institutions Inserm and CNRS, and Ecole Polytechnique. The Laboratory employs researchers with expertise in optics, molecular and cellular biology with the aim to explore new concepts and methods. Two LOB research teams are involved in optical imaging developments co-funded by France BioImaging. Access to instruments is currently provided on a collaborative basis and will be extended within the timeframe of the project.
* “Advanced Microscopies and Tissue Physiology” (E. Beaurepaire, M.-C. Schanne-Klein, W. Supatto, G. Gallot, M. Joffre et al). LOB “advanced microscopies” pole is a leading group in nonlinear microscopy of live tissues and small organisms, and develops pioneering approaches based on multimodal multiphoton imaging (multicolor 2PEF, SHG, THG, FWM, CARS), polarimetry, light-sheet illumination (SPIM), photomanipulation, wavefront control, pulse shaping.
* “Nanoemitters and Single Molecule Tracking” (A. Alexandrou, C. Bouzigues, et al). LOB “nanoemitters” team develops innovative assays based on non-blinking lanthanide-ion doped nanoprobes and microfluidics devices to study signaling processes in live cells.