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Head: Philippe Bouyer

Location: Institut d’Optique d’Aquitaine, Rue François Mitterrand, 33400, Talence, France

Bordeaux Nanophotonics

The “Nanophotonics” group research activities aim at understanding, mastering and using light-matter interactions at the nanometer scale. For this purpose, the group develops ultra-sensitive optical nanoscopy techniques for the detection of individual nanoscale objects, perform the spectroscopy of their electronic excitations, and explore their applications in physics and biophotonics.


The general ambition of the team is at the crossroad of nanoscience, imaging and biology through the design and study of innovative optically active synthetic nanostructures as well as the investigation of complex and dynamic biological systems at the nanoscale. One of our focus is to work with living biological tissues.

BioImaging & OptoFluidics

The majority of our samples of interest are engineered, and more specifically, generated using the Cellular Capsule Technology (CCT), which was invented and patented in the lab and led to the creation of a startup company (TreeFrog Therapeutics). The CCT relies on the use of 3D-printed microfabricated or microfluidic and allows to produce organoids encapsulated in hollow alginate spherical or tubular micro compartments. These multicellular aggregates are highly relevant to model disease and in regenerative medicine, but they are challenging to image in live conditions, without labelling or in a high throughput format. We thus develop imaging and environmental set-ups dedicated to their observation, in conditions that are dictated by the biological or medical question.