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Head: Eléna ISHOW

Location: 2 Chemin de la Houssinière, Nantes, France

Nanomaterials nowadays occupy an indisputable place for their diagnostic and therapeutic potentialities, offering new paradigms in the field of medicine in terms of follow-up, safety and personalized treatments. Due to the complexity of the biological environment, mastering the synthesis and understanding the interplay between nanomaterials and biological entities, especially cells, is an imperative need to overcome numerous pitfalls related to toxicity, chemical instability, undesirable targeting, diagnostic artefacts and bioaccumulation, to cite only the major ones.

To this aim, we have been developing for several years multimodal nanoassemblies, originally based on small-molecule photoactive materials, self-assembled as a platform and comprising functional inorganic nanoparticles to bridge the gap from in cellulo to in vivo investigations. Their versatile fabrication offers straightforward architectural tunability, allowing us to decipher their in cellulo interactions.