A National Research Infrastructure for Biological Imaging

PICsL (Shared Imaging Platform of Luminy Campus)

Contact: Pierre-François Lenne

PICsL PICsL has been founded in 2002 in the context of a partnership between CIML and IBDM. This technological facility has for main objective to give access to forefront technologies in cellular imaging to 45 research groups (500 scientists). The facility is located in the two institutes on the same campus and offers a variety of state-of-the art imaging systems (multiphoton, confocal imaging, electron microscopy). In addition, during the past years, specific R&D projects have been launched in research teams of the institutes, which now benefit to an increasing number of scientists. First built as collaborative projects between teams (e.g. H. Rigneault/D. Marguet, PF Lenne/T Lecuit), they have proven to be of general interest for a large community at local, national and international levels. Bringing these new technologies to a shared infrastructure in Marseilles has significantly enlarged the service offered to users.