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Head: Olivier GADAL

Location: Center for Integrative Biology, Rue Marianne Grunberg-Manago, Toulouse, France

Toulouse Réseau imagerie (TRI) platform is a large multisite platform, federates all shared imaging resources in biology lab in Toulouse Area. TRI offers, through 4 fields of expertise which are photonic microscopy, electron microscopy, cytometry-cell sorting and image processing and analysis, the visualization of biological functions, from the nanometric scale to the whole organism.

The missions of the platform are threefold:
1- To provide researchers expertise and cutting edge technology in the field of :
• Mecano-biology
• Molecular and single cell characterization
• Whole organism, including intra-vital imaging
• Image analysis, signal treatment and modelisation
2- To constitute a framework for reflexion and exchanges in this very rapidly evolving field.
3- To contribute to the formation of researchers in all methods related to microscopy.
TRI platform is ISO9001-NFX50-900 certified and IBiSA facility labeled.

Microscopy systems available @TRI