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Team Leader: David DiGregorio

Location: Institut Pasteur, Rue du Docteur Roux, Paris, France

The Synapse and Circuit Dynamics (SCD) team is composed of 12 people, with 1 CNRS researcher, 1 Institut Pasteur researcher in optics, 1 Institut Pasteur engineers (IR) in optics, 6 post-docs, 1 student and 1 technician. The optics part of the team is pursuing STED nanoscopy developments specifically tailored to the needs of neurobiology studies and is dedicated in particular to the development of an upright microscope design for two-photon excitation STED towards deep brain imaging. The Unit is also partner on a grant for
the dissemination of a design of a random access acousto-optic scanning two-photon microscope in collaboration with Dr. Angus Silver (UCL). The laboratory has also pioneered methods for fast calcium imaging (spot detection, Nakamura et al. 2015) voltage dye imaging, and photolysis of neurotransmitter (uncaging, DiGregorio et al. 2007; Tran Van Minh et al. 2020).

  • David DiGregorio is currently the director of the shared 2-photon imaging facility for the Neuroscience Department. SCD team member, Dr. Ruckerl manages the training and usage of the microscopes, while Dr. Moneron provides advice and design suggestions. There are three 2-photon microscopes (2 of which are embedded in a BSL2 animal facility).
  • The SCD also established the first fluorescence microscopy course (since 2016) at Institut Pasteur and continues to direct this course.
  • The SCD team is currently engaged in a project to install a small footprint 2-photon microscope in a BSL3 facility for imaging live infected animals, and in particular those mice infected with SARS-CoV2.