F1000Research Gateway NEUBIAS – Open Call for articles to be supported by NEUBIAS

F1000Research Gateway NEUBIAS – Open Call for articles to be supported by NEUBIAS


The F1000R Gateway NEUBIAS aims to fill an important gap in the field of Bioimage Analysis: To improve and standardize how to publish reproducible and reusable components and workflows, and to gather resources and training material to help BioImage Analysts grow as a professional community of experts.

The primary aim of this gateway is to be the hub for the exchange of knowledge about bioimage analysis and its related fields, by offering a common place to publish this knowledge. This includes newly developed bioimage analysis strategies, practical applications in challenging topics, and cutting-edge development in Bioimage Analysis. The Gateway accepts all topics that contribute to the enhancement of the capability of bioimage analysis, spanning image processing, analysis, visualization and statistical methods, bioimage analysis workflows, software packages, machine learning based approaches, data mining, architecture and storage management, and more. The submission, publication, review and indexation process are fully detailed here


NEUBIAS, COST Action CA15124, will support the F1000R article publication charges for a selected number of original articles presenting research results/methods/software on topics of bioimage analysis (see figure above).
The first Call for Papers opens on June 15th and closes on July 15th, 2020.


1) You provide, in the following form, the title, abstract and complementary description for the article you aim to publish.

2) Your proposal is evaluated by the Advisory Board of the Gateway (

3) Upon acceptance by the Advisory Board and prior to the submission of your full manuscript, NEUBIAS will waive the publication charges in direct communication with F1000R.

15th of July 2020: Call is closing,
1st of August 2020: Notification of acceptance of NEUBIAS support,
August-September 2020: granted authors write and submit their contributions,
30th of September 2020: Deadline to submit the full version of your article to the Neubias F1000R gateway.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The approval of your proposal is necessary before submission of your article. Articles submitted to F1000R before being approved will not be considered to be responding to this Call and will not be eligible for financial support. This policy ensures the same treatment of all the submissions; the pre-inquiry has to be submitted by all the authors, and the provided information will be used for assessment. The board will not review the full submissions before their publication.

NEUBIAS has a fixed budget for this Call, therefore only medium and short articles will be considered. The final number of articles to be supported depends on the numbers of submissions of each type.
We aim to support around 20 articles, distributed tentatively in two categories:
11 Short Articles (up to 1000 words)
9 Medium Articles (up to 2500 words)

Please check for Articles guidelines, types and formats in F1000R at