FBI Image Data Public Repository and Sharing

FBI Image Data Public Repository and Sharing


On September 22nd, 2016, a joint meeting took place between the FBI coordination, IPDM node and other partners, to discuss the implementation of data management services within FBI. Please find below the main points discussed during the meeting.

  1. Objective – Setting the required elements for public access to different types of Image Data within FBI.
  2. Purpose and expectations – to have, in one year’s time, a successful proof of concept for FBI. This topic is of particular importance for FBI, as it will soon be required of any project funded with public money to provide data management plans. In the very short term, infrastructures will likely be expected to guarantee the safe conservation and fast access to any data supporting a publication (see for example the Netherlands protocol).
  3. Audience – two different audiences were considered as targets of the project: users within the FBI perimeter, and the general public (fully public access); the former being more feasible in a year’s time than the latter.
  4. Proposals

    • WP1a Support
      • Support the work of WP1a in their benchmarking action (Contact: Orestis Faklaris);
      • Being workflow-oriented, so that the methods defined to support WP1a can be applied to other WPs.
    • Metrology-oriented database
      • Instrument-based metrology database: asking each site to share metrology benchmarking of microscopes from 2016, including software used when any;
      • At midterm: go to real biological object to associate metrology data as quality metrics;
      • Before the end of the project: include metrology oriented annotations to WP1a support;
      • Long term: include metrology-oriented annotations to open image data repositories.
    •  Open Image Data Repository:
      • Hosting 2016 publications acknowledging FBI, uploading raw data at least supporting published figures.
  5. Resources: Remaining funds from Pasteur IPDM could be mobilized to carry out the project (the funds would go towards financing the equipment and staff). Coordination funds will be allocated to the employment of an engineer for a period of approximately 9 months.

Meeting Participants:
Volker Baecker (Montpellier), Anatole Chessel (Paris Sud), Stéphane Dallongeville (IPDM Paris Centre), Anne Danckaert (Paris Centre), Elaine Del Nery (Paris Centre), Nimisha Gupta (OpenImadis Bengalore), Cédric Matthews (Marseille), Perrine Paul-Gilloteaux (IPDM), Jean Salamero (Coordination), Corinne Tessier (Coordination).