We are looking for our next Deputy Director for Internal Affairs!

We are looking for our next Deputy Director for Internal Affairs!


  FBI opens a call for the recruitment of its next Deputy Director for Internal Affairs


The Deputy Director for Internal Affairs will help infrastructure management team to oversee several of its key missions: implement a strategic vision for France-BioImaging, encompassing our three pillars, Innovation, Training, Access; develop a roadmap for next generation imaging technologies and services; increase funding opportunities and develop a sustainable cost model; update and improve infrastructure communication goals and actions; develop ours links with the private sector.
The Deputy Director will work closely with the Manager of Internal Affairs to tailor specific activities, prepare strategic decision-making and prioritize needs for initiatives.

Mandate of the Deputy Director for Internal Affairs

  • Help to develop and implement the strategic vision of FBI’s core activities, in Innovation, Training and Services; synthesize and prepare elements to assist in decision-making
  • Advise the management team to improve cooperation across FBI geographical Nodes; promote the scientific and structuring activities of the infrastructure at the national level, to seek out and federate potential partners, initiate and manage national cooperation programs, and provide expertise and advice.
  • Develop a roadmap for technological developments and their implementation as FBI services
  • Help to develop funding opportunities and develop a sustainable cost model for Innovation and Services
  • Develop links with the private sector, as users of FBI services or partners in FBI core activities including methodological innovations
  • Organize a prospective reflection on the development of new initiatives to be carried out to improve FBI communication


  • Senior scientist (DR or equivalent) with a strong motivation and willingness to strengthen FBI core activities in Innovation, Service and Training;
  • Knowledge of the national landscape in biological imaging, including in innovation and services;
  • Experience in the management of research units or facilities, and projects in the science and innovation domain;
  • Demonstrated experience in fund raising operations for research and innovation projects in biological imaging;
  • Knowledge of the national and international research infrastructures in Biology and Health environment
  • Experience in interdisciplinary scientific and stakeholder networking;
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with diverse stakeholders;
  • Excellent communications and public relations skills;
  • High proficiency in English language


France-BioImaging is a national research infrastructure distributed throughout France that provides researchers with access to the latest innovations in biological imaging and aims to accelerate the transfer of technological and methodological innovations in biological imaging to the 22 platforms
that constitute the infrastructure. The Deputy Director for Internal Affairs will contribute to the development and strengthening of France-Bioimaging.
The Deputy Director for Internal Affairs will work within the national coordination of the France BioImaging infrastructure. He/she will work within a team distributed between Montpellier and Bordeaux, composed of 4 people: the Scientific Director and the Deputy Director for International Affairs, the Internal Affairs Manager, and the External Affairs Manager.

Time Commitment

FBI’s Deputy Director for Internal Affairs should commit approximately 20% of his overall working time to this mission. Virtual coordination meetings (Directors + Managers) occur weekly, and the FBI Executive Board meets virtually monthly. FBI steering committee meets bi-annually. The Deputy Director is appointed for a 5-year mandate and is eligible to renew his service.


Frequent travels in France and abroad.

Entry into function is planned as soon as possible / November 15th, 2023.

If you are interested,
please send a short CV and a motivation letter at