Recap of FBI Data Sprint Spring 2024 Edition in Bordeaux

Recap of FBI Data Sprint Spring 2024 Edition in Bordeaux

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France-BioImaging’s roadmap for managing and analyzing data produced by the infrastructure spans several areas, supported by the transversal node Image Processing and Data Management (BioImage Informatics), as well as engineers and researchers distributed across various nodes.

Two geographically distributed teams are developing solutions: for managing microscopy data, from metadata management to using data centers and regional computing centers, pooling efforts for the entire infrastructure; and F-BIAS to develop image analysis as a national service offering within the infrastructure. These distributed groups meet frequently via video conferencing and twice a year in person.

The FBI.Data and FB-IAS teams at the FBI Data Sprint Spring 2024 Edition

The Bordeaux Spring 2024 Edition allowed progress on the test deployment of the solution, welcoming the latest F-BIAS recruits, and offering a live open desk. It also involved joint sessions between the two teams to address the challenge of making powerful but complex infrastructure accessible to our users, as well as discussing upcoming and ongoing challenges like the Lightmycells – Grand Challenge at

The event also featured a public progress update via videoconference, with recordings available here: