MicroPICell, from our Bretagne-Loire node, received a double quality certification

MicroPICell, from our Bretagne-Loire node, received a double quality certification

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MicroPICell core facility offers access and services to a broad range of bioimaging technology and expertise, specialized in cell and tissue imaging. Based in Nantes, the core facility is now certified ISO 9001 and NFX 50-900, demonstrating their investment in providing quality services to its users.

The ISO 9001 :2015 and NFX 50-900 :2016 standards ensures good practices in terms of organization and management of a life science core facility. These standards are focusing, among other criteria, on the ability to fulfill its scientific and technological research missions, to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and legal requirements and finally, aims to increase the satisfaction of its customers through the effective application of its management system.

A supported process

To implement the first standard, experts from MicroPICell core facility have been trained in the management of the required quality system. The core facility staff have then been supported, in close collaboration with the GIS Biogenouest, by the head of the IBISA quality mission in order to build and implement the quality system according to both standards. This “Groupement d’intérêt scientifique” also has a quality network, Iquare, to which the core facility participates in, to exchange, share and be advised in the implementation of the quality system. The NFX 50-900 :2016 standard has been applied on R&D projects such as the establishment of a digital histology center delivering deep learning data processing, smart microdissection or the imaging of thick samples in collaboration with the company Kaer Labs.

Guaranteeing quality to users

This double certification is a recognition of the core facility’s quality approach, and allows MicroPICell to guarantee to their industrial and academic users that the implemented tools and procedures meet the requirements of the standards. This quality approach facilitates day-to-day management and internal communication at the platform and with the various parties concerned. Above all, it is a way of continuously improving bioimaging core facilities and ensuring that the missions are carried out efficiently.