Positioning FBI at European level

Positioning FBI at European level


Le_programme_H2020_276193.150This last Year, France BioImaging was deeply involved in the building of H2020 infrastructure projects, within the context of the Euro-BioImaging ESFRI project. D. Choquet (Bordeaux) and PF. Lenne (Marseille) are our official representatives at the EuBI Interim Board, with Daniel Boujard for the CNRS (see previous article). However, FBI does not restrict its International and European activity to EuBI.

France-BioImaging will represent the CNRS partner of the H2020 Infra-Dev Supp II Project recently funded by EU, and proposed by EuroBioImaging (EuBI). In coordination with other national networks and international partners, France BioImaging will actively participates in diverse WPs and in particular will lead the WP7: Technical preparation for coordination of training activities.


    1. Preparation for coordination of user training in EuBI (EMBL, CNRS)
    2. Preparation for coordination of core facility staff (CFS) training in EuBI (CNRS)
    3. Prepare CFS online training and exchange resources

There is two other H2020 projects where France–BioImaging is involved. The first concerns a more “international network activity” on training and exchange activities, still in the context of EuBI. This project will be apparently funded, but is still under negotiations with the European Commission. The, last but not least, project is a “Cost” on BioImage Analysis, defended by 45 individuals from 17 different countries, with a strong participation of FBI members (pending decision,next October).