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Record of the kick-off meeting EurobioImaging H2020 PPII project


Euro-BioImaging On March 9th 2016 was held in Rehovot the kick-off meeting of the INFRADEV preparatory phase II (PPII) European project that aims at bringing EuroBioImaging to a functional European infrastructure (ESFRI) under the status of an ERIC. In that project, France (through FBI) is coordinating the WP7 « Training » that aims at preparing the organization and procedures of training activities, identification of training sites and portfolio of training courses and e-learning, for both users and core facility staff.
France presented the WP7 objectives, working plan, activities already under process: the creation of specific working groups on community surveys, interaction with industry and e-learning.
The next steps is to draft the surveys to analyse the needs and resources for training, and the organization of meetings of heads of EuroBioImaging node candidates as well as core facility staff to gather feedback on training organization.

This project runs for two years with a 1.5 M€ funding and will develop close ties with other projects in which EuroBioImaging is involved such as the Global BioImaging project or linked to, such as the “Neubias” COST action.
Through these projects, France continues to reinforce its position in EuroBioImaging by the demonstration of its capacity to organise, structure and provide training activities.

Avatar • April 5, 2016