Three National Infrastructures in Biology and Health meet

Three National Infrastructures in Biology and Health meet


The 30th of January 2015, coordination staffs of 3 INBSs, laureates of the “Programme Investissement d’Avenir” in 2011 (FRISBI, Phenomin and FBI), get together for an informal meeting at IGBMC, Illkirch. The idea, that our INBSs could better interact, think of common projects or services and organize joint actions, was born during the INBSs meeting organized at the CNRS, in December 2014. Although at a very early stage, cooperation is definitively foreseen between FRISBI (Integrated Structural Biology), Phenomin (Mouse phenogenomics) and FBI (Bio-Imaging). Complementary or common technological approaches appear obvious. A shared session between the 3 Infrastructures will be organized during the next FBI Annual Meeting (17th- 18th of September, Institut Curie, Paris) with the goal to consider possible transverse activities.


Short presentation of these infrastructures


logo-frisbi The French Infrastructure for Integrated Structural Biology (FRISBI) provides an infrastructure for integrative structural biology approaches, from the molecular to the cellular level, integrating multi-resolution data from X-ray crystallography, small angle X-ray scattering, NMR, Cryo-EM and functional data including development for protein expression and crystallization. Opened to structural and molecular and cell biologists from both academia and industry from France and Europe FRISBI will reinforce technology transfer between national and international academics and industry for technological developments and therapeutically applications. FRISBI comprises strong component for training in integrative structural biology by the organization of congress, workshops & practical courses, and national and international master degree program.

phenomin-baseline PHENOMIN is devoted to serve the French community for the usage of mouse models. This National Infrastructure constitutes a unique distributed resource for the creation, the care, the phenotyping, the distribution and archiving of animal models for academics and private corporations. Its scientific goals are to improve the knowledge of the mammalian genome, identify and understand its variations and discover new opportunities for therapies and drugs. PHENOMIN will also participate to the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC) and plans to contribute to Infrafrontier and to ESFRI-identified pan-European infrastructure for functional genomics. PHENOMIN will be a key item of the the National Alliance for life sciences and health (AVIESAN).

FBI Grand France-BioImaging (FBI) gathers several biological Imaging Centers associated with R&D teams with the aim to cover recent advances in microscopy, spectroscopy, probe engineering, signal processing and BioImage Informatic. It is a pluridisciplinary project with participants in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Computer science and engineering. The consortium brings together the efforts to overcome technological barriers persisting at different levels of Cellular Imaging and breaks the frontiers between research and innovation thanks to collaborative projects with industry. France Bioimaging is strongly involved in the strategy of the ITMOs BCDE of Aviesan through the French Networks of the CNRS (GDR-MIV) and directly linked to the “Euro-BioImaging” project of ESFRI.