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CLIPS 2017 – Multiscale Live Imaging in Human, Animal and Plant Health

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We are pleased to announce the Coalition for Live Imaging Paris-Saclay (CLIPS) 2017 Symposium.
CLIPS 2017 is dedicated to highlighting innovative technologies in live imaging, spanning multiple scales from architectural and molecular microscopy to the modeling of biological processes. By probing and predicting the cellular state in a living organism, the aim is to unravel the processes underlying the building of a normal or a pathological state (adaptability, pathogenesis, therapeutic).
For its first edition, CLIPS 2017 also aims at gathering multidisciplinary scientists from the University Paris-Saclay and wider community to promote collaboration and innovation. Please join the round table, too (Tuesday September 12th, 5-6pm) just before the gala dinner!
Target audience: multidisciplinary scientists in the fields of live imaging



Avatar • July 25, 2017