MiFoBio 2018 : Call for Workshops

MiFoBio 2018 : Call for Workshops

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Pre-registration is still open – deadline extended until March 5th 2018.

To submit a workshop please fill in the form below and then go to for the procedure).

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Thank you for participating to this new edition MiFoBio 2018 by proposing a workshop. As announced in the spring, it will be necessary to explain the interest of your project and give a synopsis. It is therefore important to prepare your workshop project upstream. Evaluation of proposals will follow quickly in November. Depending on the returns, a second call will be made on a more restricted perimeter.

These workshops must fit into one of the themes below. The objective is to deal at least in part with one of the common questions so that we can then discuss at the end of the school the contributions of different technologies for the same subject.

  1. Biological, physical, photochemical question on the themes identified below:
  • Mitochondria and metabolism
  • Regulation of gene expression, maintenance of information integrity, nucleus
  • Synapse, neuron, brain,
  • Interaction between cells or with the environment, mechanobiology.
  • Membrane and receivers, signaling,
  • biofilm
  • Development, regeneration, evolution
  • organoid

2. New technological, instrumental or probe and marker development
3. Implementation of at least two significantly different techniques for the same question
4. Instrumental engineering and systems engineering (characterization of instruments, peak methods, new practices)
5. Image Bar: Image analysis
6. FabLab MiFoBio: small practical realization: optics, electronics or analysis
7. Outside class (to be justified)

For the record, a workshop aims to share knowledge and know-how in the field of biological imaging and biophotonics through practice. It is worn by two academics at most and must allow the participants to practice. The workshops implement methodological and instrumental approaches and deal with a scientific issue that is often interdisciplinary.


The MiFoBio organizing team