We were at the Euro-BioImaging’s All Hands Nodes Meeting!

We were at the Euro-BioImaging’s All Hands Nodes Meeting!

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France-BioImaging was at the Euro-BioImaging‘s All Hands Nodes Meeting at EMBL in Heidelberg. It was a pleasure to share this unique moment with all the Euro-BioImaging nodes! We had great discussions from passionate people around building the future of the infrastructure and providing open access to high-end technologies and expertise.

This was the perfect time to hear about the latest news and opportunities from every European nodes. Several FBI members were there:

  • Caroline Thiriet, our External affairs manager, was a panelist at a discussion about “Funding for national imaging communities”, highlighting the history of France-BioImaging and how the french infrastructure works.
  • Perrine Paul-Gilloteaux, our Image data mission officer, gave a fantastic talk about “Linking and analyzing correlative image datasets”.
  • Fabrice Cordelières, our Training mission officer, and Alban Belloir, Communication officer, presented two posters on training and about our infrastructure’s structuring activities.
  • Melina Petrel, as an Electron #microscopy specialist, represented the FBI core facility staff.

Thanks to all Euro-BioImaging team for organizing and hosting this wonderful event! We are glad to be part of this amazing international community working together as a European Research Infrastructure!

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