Journée thématique “Bioimage Informatics”

Journée thématique “Bioimage Informatics”

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November 23-24, 2015
Institut Pasteur, Paris

– Programme

This is the 3rd edition of the annual symposium on Bioimage Informatics, organized by the GdR 2588 (Functional Microscopy of living organisms) and supported by France Bioimaging.

The workshop will feature two sessions covering rapidly developing topics of Bioimage Informatics:

Computational Imaging (Nov. 23rd): this session aims at gathering the computational and physical approaches that support imaging methods. This includes talks on inverse problems, compressed sensing, source separation and super-resolution. Presented applications will include many different imaging techniques including confocal microscopy, super resolution microscopy, Optical Projection Tomography, TIRF microscopy.

Computational Phenotyping (Nov. 24th): this session focuses on the automatic analysis of imaging data to derive biological information across different scales. This involves techniques for image segmentation and quantification, machine learning and statistics. Applications will cover different scales of organization (from cells to organisms) and will include examples from High Content Screening, plant phenotyping and spatial transcriptomics.

Additionally, this year’s edition will feature an interactive Poster/Demo session on Nov. 23rd (after the oral session). Posters will have to be introduced by their presenters in the form of a short (~2-minute) oral presentation prior to the session. Demos are dedicated to participants who wish to showcase some software or (small-sized) equipment linked to the topics of the workshop, where a poster format might be less adapted. We therefore warmly invite all participants to come and showcase their work!