FBI CLEM workshop 2024

FBI CLEM workshop 2024

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The FBI Working Group Correlative Light-Electron Microscopy is organizing a workshop!

This workshop will take place at the Bordeaux Imaging Center (FBI Bordeaux node) from January 31st to February 2nd, 2024.

Correlative Light and Electron microscopy (CLEM) increases our capacity of biological investigation. By combining light microscopy and electron microscopy, this complementary approach takes advantages of both techniques. Light imaging provides valuable functional information thanks to its labeling power, whereas Electron microscopy excels at high resolution.

The Bordeaux Imaging Center has developed several workflows such as In-resin fluorescence and Array tomography. Both helps to determine 3D ultrastructure of a targeted area or a whole sample at different resolutions. In the framework of the FBI CLEM workshop, participants can choose one of these 2 different practicals, In-resin fluorescence and Array Tomography, in which a local specialist will show them the workflows.

Workshop 1: “In-Resin Fluorescence” – From HPF to tomography, by way of freeze-substitution and on-section fluorescence observation.

Workshop 2: “Array tomography” – From serial section to acquisition with confocal and SEM.

  • It is firstly intended to scientists with expertise in electron microscopy, who are expected to use the chosen technique.
  • 2 workshops of 4 people each (you can apply only to one workshop)
  • A practical manual will be provided, covering every step.

You want to attend this workshop? Please fill the following form before December 22nd, 2023:

The candidates whose research projects suit the workshop the best will be selected. We will get in touch with you after the Christmas break to confirm your participation at this workshop.

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