MiFoBio 2014

MiFoBio 2014

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For fifteen years, biological imaging has changed deeply thanks to the work of a large interdisciplinary community (physicists, chemists, biologists, instrumentalists, computer scientists, mathematicians and physicians) who is both a carrier of basic research the interface between photon / living matter and creator of new analytical tools, engaging biological questions. Developments in imaging are increasingly limiting and quick, minimally invasive and adaptable to the molecular study in living organisms. They require tu ensure recursively knowledge transfer within the community, to educate the younger generation to this interface in the plurality of its components, while promoting the integration of new skills, especially in the domain analysis, data management and modeling. Those are the aims of the school “MiFoBio”


MiFoBio allows participants to not be limited to theoretical exchanges, but confrontations around instruments in real operating condition, on live samples of biological interest. This is a unique opportunity for training in the most advanced technologiesAffiche Post MiFoBio in functional microscopy. These workshops are designed to complete various imaging devices: microscopes super resolution multiphoton, small animal imaging, FLIM / FCS CARS .. provided by the industrial partners of the school or by research teams in the case of prototype systems. Several workshops computer are also introduced for the analysis and processing of data. The basic rule of the School is that industrial undertake to allow full autonomy to scientific systems available. Piloting workshops for academic and not by industrial is indeed a key to the success of these practices phases.