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France BioImaging is organising an “BioImage Analysis OpenDesk” session on November the 29th from 9:00 to 12:30, in its different nodes and online.

What is an OpenDesk ?

During the event, users in search for answers to image processing-related questions come to a dedicated spot, within the Facility. Individual questions are processed by BioImage Analysts, on a “first come-first served basis”.

Will I really get my image processing questions answered ?

We will work on that ! Depending on the topic, local BioImage Analyst may choose from one of those three options:
1-The problem might be solved locally, quickly: you will leave the Facility with either a procedure/advices on how to analyse your data.
2-The problem might be solved locally, but requires additional time to be processed: your Facility staff will propose an appointment so that a proper solution is found.
3-The problem might not be solved locally: we will take benefit of the France BioImaging infrastructure, through its dedicated transversal node (FBI-IPDM). Your local Facility staff will introduce you to specialists in the field, using remote communication means.

I’m in ! Where and when is it taking place ?

November the 29th, from 9:00 to 12:30.
Bordeaux — Bordeaux Imaging Centre, Photonic Unit, 1st floor, Centre Broca Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Paris Centre
Marseille — IBDM ground Floor  Luminy
Paris Sud
Nantes — Room 2 , ground floor IRS UN 8 quai Moncousu

If you can not join physically, join on

By the way, what is FBI-IPDM ?

The objective of the BioImage Informatics – Image Processing & Data Management transversal node is to create a general framework and a complete and integrated image analysis and IT (Information Technology) solution to address a number of challenges in biological imaging and microscopy, as well as setting up a high performance grid-computing infrastructure dedicated to massive computational and data storage demands. The FBI-IPDM node proposes different IT frameworks to deal with the data flow from the different imaging nodes. FBI-IPDM node is thus transverse, by definition.

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