Second call for workshops in MiFoBio 2016

Second call for workshops in MiFoBio 2016

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Affiche Mifobio2016 GB Dear all,

The second call for workshops in MiFoBio2016 is on!

To date, we have almost 80 workshops proposed, with 45 pre-selected. We thank all those who have brought these proposals. When selecting, a particular attention will be paid to the educational aspect, the innovative nature of the proposal, the close association of a biological problem addressed to the technological approach.

Pre-selected workshops will be validated once obtained the certainty that required material will be available during the school.

For this second call, we would like to reinforce certain themes, however not exclusively :

    • All type of home-made microscopy systems
    • optogenetics approaches
    • Imaging of scattering media, heterogeneous, outliers, …. (adaptive optics)
    • Application of biological models on small organisms (insects, fish, … but excluding mammals) for developmental biology
    • neuro-biological imaging
    • Photomanipulations
    • Bio-sensors
    • nonlinear imaging and non-conventional imaging (phase imaging, ….)
    • Microscopy with structured illumination
    • Contribution of microfluidics for microscopy
    • Modelling and simulation of molecular dynamics and cellular organization.


Procedure for proposing a workshop:

    1. Application to attend the thematic MiFoBio2016 school: go to the website of GDR-MIV: to get your identifiers.
    2. Then submit your workshop proposal via the dedicated website:
    3. Login using your GDR-MIV identifiers.
    4. Go in the “Workshops / Submit a new workshop” and fill in all the form fields.

In the “abstract” (1000 characters max.) Thank you to define the objective(s) of the workshop you propose. A “description” field (10000 characters) is available for a more detailed explanation. This will be used for evaluation.

The whole site is in English. Your proposals must be registered on the website before 23 April.


What changes from previous editions:

    • You can create and edit your workshop proposals online.
    • Workshops can have only two trainers/animators. For this purpose a specific mechanism has been put in place:

      o The main animator creates the workshop file.
      o Then goes in the “Workshops / List my workshops” section.
      o In the “Code for co-animator” he “copy / paste” the code and sends it by mail to his co-animator.
      o The co-animator connects to the site (after having pre-registred to MiFoBio). Then he goes in the “Workshops / List my workshops” section and in “Enter a co-animator code”

The workshops can be repeated two or more times during the school (the number of repetition is likely to be modulated up or down).

The workshops will be selected by the organizing committee.

The workshop team is at your disposal for any further information and can be reached at the following address

The workshop team: Fabrice Cordelières, Sandrine Lecart , Christine Terryn.